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4th of July Red, White, and Blue Jell-O Mold…Easy and Tasty!

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2013

By Jodee Weiland This is the easiest Jell-O mold to make when having a 4th of July celebration! When I was little, my mom made this Jell-O mold…

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All Natural Raspberry Pineapple Banana Popsicles

Posted on Jul 11th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland With the summer days heating up, people are always looking for delicious ways to cool off, such as popsicles. Around our home,…

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Almond Joy Magic Cookie Bars…A Slightly Different Blast from the Past!

Posted on Dec 16th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Almond Joy Magic Cookie Bars are a slightly different blast from the past in our home! When I was a little girl, my mom would…

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Apple Cranberry Walnut Pie…Sweet, Juicy, and Delicious!

Posted on Nov 29th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Last Thanksgiving I needed another pie for dessert fast, so I went over to the store to see what was available. I saw an apple…

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Apple Galette, the Versatile French Pastry We All Love to Eat!

Posted on Oct 13th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Galettes were originally French pastries that were usually flat and shaped into various freeform shapes.  More often now, we…

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Apple Strawberry Crumb Cobbler

Posted on Sep 11th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland Looking for an easy apple recipe? Apple cobbler is one of the easiest recipes I can think of for when I want an apple recipe…

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Apple Walnut Bread…For Apple Picking Time or Just Any Time

Posted on Jul 31st, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Apple picking in the fall is something we love to do! There are so many great ways to use apples! Years ago before I ever…

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Awesome Apple-Delicious Apple Recipes

Posted on Sep 23rd, 2014

By Jodee Weiland The fall is a great time for apple recipes! Families love to go apple picking in the fall, only to return home and start digging…

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Banana Walnut Loaf…With Just a Touch of Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Posted on May 3rd, 2013

By Jodee Weiland One of my favorite recipes when I’m looking for something sweet, but not overly sweet, is homemade banana walnut loaf with a…

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Classic Bread Pudding with Fruit and Nuts

Posted on Oct 17th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland I have always wanted to make bread pudding, simply because I love it! Bread pudding is a great way to make a dessert out of day…

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Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies with Walnuts

Posted on Aug 15th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland Homemade cookies are always so good when freshly baked. The whole house smells wonderful when baking, and cookies are no…

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Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies with Lemon Sugar Icing

Posted on Nov 26th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland The other day, I had a taste for a light cookie with a lemony icing. That's when I decided to make my Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies…

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Delicious Berry Berry Vanilla Nonfat Frozen Yogurt

Posted on Aug 8th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland I love homemade nonfat frozen yogurt and enjoy coming up with new flavor combinations. Since I had recently frozen some fresh…

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Delicious Blueberry Vanilla Nonfat Frozen Yogurt

Posted on May 13th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland I love frozen yogurt, and I wanted homemade nonfat frozen yogurt that was both delicious and healthier. That's when I decided…

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Delicious Cinnamon Cream Cheese Brownies

Posted on Feb 27th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland Delicious Cinnamon Cream Cheese Brownies are moist brownies with just a touch of cinnamon to make them even more flavorful! When…

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Favorite Christmas Desserts 2014

Posted on Dec 16th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland Every year I watch anxiously to see which of my Christmas desserts will be the most popular with the readers. Without a doubt,…

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Holiday Cranberry Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Posted on Dec 9th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland During the winter holidays, everyone looks forward to all the special treats usually associated with that time of year. Apple…

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Homemade Cream Cheese Pound Cake…Delicious and Easy to Make

Posted on Sep 16th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Looking for something good to serve with all those grilled peaches, that homemade ice cream, or the berries you bought this week?…

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Homemade Shortbread Cookies

Posted on Nov 7th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland Shortbread cookies have always been a favorite for me, since I was a little girl and first saw the red plaid packaging on a shelf…

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Honey Cinnamon Grilled Peaches with Italian Gelato

Posted on Aug 26th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland Grilled peaches are delicious for summer desserts and so easy to make! You can add Italian gelato or ice cream to grilled…

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Italian Biscotti…An Italian Cookie and Family Favorite!

Posted on Dec 9th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Every year at Christmas time, baking and eating Italian Biscotti cookies were a favorite part of the Christmas tradition in my…

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Italian Bow Knot Cookies…With Sweet Lemon Sugar Icing!

Posted on Dec 12th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Every year during the holiday season, mom spent the weeks before Christmas baking all the different traditional Italian cookies…

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My 2013 Dessert Recipes in Review!

Posted on Dec 29th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Today I wanted to share a review of my desserts in 2013. During the holidays, we have the opportunity to share some of our…

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Oatmeal Banana Walnut Cookies…with Mini Chocolate Chips

Posted on Aug 14th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Want an oatmeal cookie or do you want something a little bit more? Me? I’ll take the something a little bit more, but something a…

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Scrumptious Strawberry Banana Nonfat Frozen Yogurt

Posted on May 23rd, 2014

By Jodee Weiland In getting ready for summer, I’ve been playing around with different ideas for frozen yogurt. Today I decided to try…

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Sweet Juicy Homemade Apple Pie is Perfect for Apple Picking Time!

Posted on Oct 10th, 2013

By Jodee Weiland Years ago in fall we would go apple picking with our children, and when we got home it was time to bake.  We liked to…

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The Golden Tango Cream with Ice Cream and Raspberry Dessert

Posted on Feb 13th, 2014

By Jodee Weiland The Golden Tango Cream with Ice Cream and Raspberry Dessert is a delightful and delicious way to end a meal! What is Golden Tango…

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