Eight Awesome Smoothies

By Jodee Weiland

Smoothies should always be both healthy and delicious tasting! When someone drinks a smoothie, they are doing so for any number of reasons. One reason for drinking smoothies is that they are usually healthy and will energize you if made with the right ingredients. Another reason for drinking smoothies is that they taste delicious when made with the right ingredients. Both of these reasons are great, and both apply to my Eight Awesome Smoothies!

http://learnfromyesterday.com When I put together a smoothie, I try very hard to focus on including ingredients that will be both healthy and delicious tasting. Some of my smoothies include vegetables that are high in nutrients and are blended with the sweet tastes of fruits and honey. Others are more fruit than anything, but still have nutritional value. When I am going to work out or have just finished working out, I try to have a smoothie that includes a high nutrient packed vegetable like kale or spinach. When choosing the ingredients for a smoothie, keep in mind what benefits you hope to attain by drinking it.

Check out all of my Eight Awesome Smoothies! All of them are both healthy and delicious, but the ingredients vary according to the nutritional value I was looking for in each of them. Whichever one you choose to try, the flavor of the smoothie will not disappoint you because I believe a smoothie must taste good as well as be healthy for me. The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is commonly acknowledged by most people. My smoothies just blend them together, so you will love the taste of each one while getting great nutritional value. So give these smoothies a try, and enjoy!


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  1. Life without smoothies would be a sad and dark place 🙂 We’ve gotten out great nephew Jordan who lives next door, hooked on breakfast smoothies.
    Each morning before heading off to first grade, he stops by for a smoothie. You have some great ones here that I’m saving for the future.
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