Zucchini Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Fresh Tomatoes

By Jodee Weiland

For some time now, I have wanted to try zucchini spaghetti. It sounded so healthy, I couldn’t help but be curious about how it would taste. So I sat down and researched the various tools to do this with and came across a wide variety of veggie spiralizers. There are all kinds from hand held to some that are larger, but are easier to use. I found out you can make zucchini spaghetti a number of ways. I chose to make my Zucchini Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Fresh Tomatoes with a veggie spiralizer I found at a local store by searching online.

http://learnfromyesterday.comWhat I found out during my search was that you can prepare the zucchini with a julienne peeler, a mandoline with a julienne blade, or with a veggie spiralizer type product. I chose the veggie spiralizer type product for a number of reasons after reading reviews and checking prices. The one I chose was at a store that gives 20% discounts with their coupons, so the price was under $25 with tax. The product I chose was made basically the same as a more expensive version at another store and both had similar reviews. Last of all, after looking into it, this product made preparing the zucchini so easy, it cut the time of preparation down tremendously.


All the products can be used to prepare a number of vegetables, but the one I chose did more. To me, saving money, time, and being able to use a product for more than one thing is worth it. So that’s how I came to prepare my zucchini spaghetti with a traditional Aglio E Olio (garlic and oil) sauce and adding fresh diced tomatoes for additional flavor. My Zucchini Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Fresh Tomatoes was made with a veggie spiralizer, and I loved it!


Zucchini Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Fresh Tomatoes

2 medium zucchini cleaned and skin removed (skin may be left on if preferred)
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 to 3 garlic cloves chopped
1 tablespoon fresh parsley chopped finely
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper (add more for more heat, if desired)
2 fresh Roma tomatoes diced
Sea salt
Grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese to taste

http://learnfromyesterday.comPrepare the zucchini first by peeling it and cutting it into long thin spaghetti like strands with a veggie spiralizer, a julienne peeler, or a mandoline with a julienne blade. Lightly salt the zucchini strands and put them into a colander for about thirty minutes, placing the collander in a large bowl, so the moisture in the zucchini can drain off. Toss and squeeze lightly every once in a while until ready.



When ready, heat the olive oil in a large pan. When the oil is heated, add the garlic. Be sure to use a splatter cover because heated oil will splatter whenever anything moist is added to it. After you add the garlic to the oil, sauté it over a low heat for a few minutes until tender. Be careful not to burn the garlic. Add the fresh parsley and crushed red pepper, and then sauté another minute or two. Next, put the prepared zucchini spaghetti in the pan (again use the splatter cover for your pan).


When it stops sizzling and has cooked slightly, turn off the stove and toss the zucchini gently in the olive oil and garlic mixture. You want the zucchini al dente, so only heat it for a few minutes, or it will become too soft. Transfer it all to a serving dish so it does not continue to heat. Last, add the fresh diced Roma tomatoes. Serve with grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese to taste. NOTE: Another alternative is to leave the zucchini spaghetti raw and put the heated olive oil and garlic mixture over it and toss lightly. It is a matter of personal preference. You choose which way you prefer to do this.

http://learnfromyesterday.comZucchini Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Garlic, and Fresh Tomatoes is so delicious and healthy, you will wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. It has a great flavor that will leave you wanting more. I enjoyed it so much that now I’m wondering why I didn’t try it sooner myself. I have to think being Italian and raised on wonderful pasta meals had something to do with it, but we had great zucchini dishes as well, so I’m not so sure about that. In fact, zucchini in olive oil and garlic has been served often in my home and tastes great. If you decide to give this recipe a try, I know you’ll love it, so enjoy!

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    • I love this spiralizer! My husband loves zucchini, so I lucked out there, but there are other things he has problem with that I love so much. The spiralizer can be used on cucumbers and so many other veggies as well, so be sure to take a look at it some time. Thanks for stopping by to chat!

    • Some people prefer to leave the red pepper out of the recipe. Red pepper is usually added to aglio e olio (garlic and olive oil), when done in a traditional Italian style. Nevertheless, it may be done without for those who prefer no red pepper. Either way it will taste delicious. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

    • Thanks, Dana! In this dish, zucchini really tastes different than you would expect. It’s really delicious and healthy. Thanks for stopping by to visit and chat with me!

  1. I would love this! I keep seeing spiralizers used to make veggie pasta lately and I’m really intrigued. I might just have to buy one, because zucchini pasta sounds like the best thing ever! 🙂

    • It really is a delicious way eat veggies and so easy to do. You can spiralize all kinds of vegetables, so there are so many things you can do with it. I think you would like it…thanks for stopping by to chat!

    • I love this new kitchen gadget of mine! It definitely would help to encourage the children to eat veggies…such fun! Thanks for stopping by to chat with me!

    • Thanks, MJ! You’re going to love my post this Friday! I actually do a simple salad with it to highlight a new salad dressing that is delicious! You will love the spiralizer…thanks for stopping by to chat!

    • Thanks, Michele! You’re going to love the veggie spiralizer! There are so many things you can do with it. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me!

    • You will love the spiralizer…there is so much you can do with it! This recipe is definitely delicious and healthy. Thanks for stopping by to visit and chat with me!

    • Thanks, Gaye! It was delicious…actually a great recipe to make you feel healthy and satisfied all at once. Thanks for stopping by to visit and thanks for hosting Let’s Get Real!

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  3. I am not a big fan of zuchhini recipes, yet I think that the virgin olive oil, garlic and red pepper can definitely change my mind. I will surely try your recipe, especially that it is one that can enable me to use my spiralizer. Thanks a million for this yummy recipe.
    Steven Gower recently posted…How to Spiralize AnythingMy Profile

    • Thanks, Steven! This recipe is really delicious, so my best guess is that you will definitely like it. I will be checking out your site as well because I love learning new ways to use my spiralizer. Thanks for stopping by to visit with me!

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