Pinterest Helps Make Memories Creatively

By Jodee Weiland

Social media networking, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and all the rest, has become a way of communicating common among the younger and a mysterious foreign language to many of the older generation.

Not so long ago, I had no desire whatsoever to use any of the social media networking opportunities available online. First of all, I think people in general spend too much time on computers already. Secondly, I worry about the fine art of interpersonal communication being lost and replaced by things like texting. I still worry about this, especially when I see young people texting people sitting across the room from them. Actually, when other people are around, this is simply rude. But all of that aside, I have discovered through firsthand experience that some of the available networking online these days is actually informative, fun, and for all practical purposes, social. This became most evident to me when I became involved in Pinterest.

Pinterest allows people from all over to exchange their favorite recipes, home decor ideas, travel hopes and memories, and so much more. In fact, because you create your own bulletin board topics and pin onto these boards items for each topic that you have found on your own or through sharing with others, you gradually create your own collection of web information. Topics can be anything that interests you. If you want clothing ideas, you can set up a board on your style ideas. If you love to cook, but hate looking up ideas for recipes every day, you will love Pinterest. You can pin ideas for anything that you find to your own boards or even ideas that others have posted and you think you might like to try by repinning them to your own board. When you find someone whose posts you really like, you can choose to follow their posts and likewise, they can follow yours. Eventually, you will have ideas to use for just about anything you can imagine that would be of use to you. You will even find sites through other pinners that you find useful, but never came across before when researching a topic.


As for memories, Pinterest has given me a whole new group of creative ideas to use when trying to make my memories last. There are ideas on scrapbooking for those who like it, ideas for framing family photos in creative wall arrangements, and so much more. It’s fun, it’s free, and I almost feel as if I am sharing ideas with friends. Just submit a request to Pinterest to be a member and hopefully, you will receive an invitation to join just a day or two later. Or if you know someone already on Pinterest who is a friend, ask them to invite you to join. You won’t regret it, and you have nothing to lose.

Hope I will see you there sharing your ideas with the rest of us!  Enjoy!