Scrambled Egg Whites with Ham, Vegetables, and Mozzarella

By Jodee Weiland

Breakfast was for dinner tonight with Scrambled Egg Whites with Ham, Vegetables, and Mozzarella. Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore because more and more families will have eggs, pancakes, or waffles for dinner these days, especially if they’re busy or have leftovers they want to use up creatively. When families bake ham for dinner, they usually have plenty of leftover ham to use in various dishes or soups. They will sometimes freeze some of it as well. We did this, and tonight, we decided to use the smaller leftover pieces in scrambled egg whites for dinner.

Normally, baked hams are cut in slices, but when slicing the ham, especially a ham on the bone, there will always be some chunky smaller pieces. These are the pieces that are great for chopping into small pieces to use in egg dishes or soups. With a little less than a cup of ham left now, I decided to just use it in scrambled egg whites. I added red onion, halved grape tomatoes, garlic, and mozzarella, and the results were both full of flavor and delicious!

http://learnfromyesterday.comScrambled Egg Whites with Ham, Vegetables, and Mozzarella

6 egg whites beaten
3/4 cup ham cut into small pieces
1/3 cup grape tomatoes halved
1/2 cup red onion sliced
4 garlic cloves chopped
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella reduced fat




Sauté onions and garlic in the olive oil until slightly tender. Add the ham next and stir in gently continuing to sauté this mixture. Finally, add the tomatoes to the mixture and sauté for a minute or two more. Now take the beaten egg whites and pour them over the sautéed mixture. Let it cook a little then add the mozzarella cheese over all of it. Now stir the whole thing together creating your scrambled egg whites with ham, vegetables, and cheese. When done, you will be ready to serve. It’s that easy.

Scrambled Egg Whites with Ham, Vegetables, and Mozzarella are so easy to make and turn using leftovers into a delicious and healthy meal. Serve this dish with some fresh fruit and a crusty loaf of multigrain bread. Toast the bread slices for your meal if you desire to do so. Using egg whites makes this meal a healthier option, but it can be done with whole eggs as well. Either way, this meal is easy to make and full of flavor. You won’t be disappointed, so enjoy!


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    • Thanks, Rick! It was delicious. We often have breakfast for dinner as well…it’s a great dinner as well. Thanks for stopping by to chat!

    • Thanks for hosting! This dish is delicious and healthy as well. I think you would like it. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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