The Ultimate Green Smoothie…Refreshing, Delicious, and Healthy!

By Jodee Weiland

The Ultimate Green Smoothie is absolutely refreshing, delicious, and healthy! Made from fresh fruit and vegetables, this green smoothie has the fiber and nutrients we all need.

This recipe makes two servings at 157 calories each, 6 grams of fiber, and only natural sugars from the fruits used to make it. There is no added sugar or honey because you don’t need it to sweeten the flavor. It’s sweetened naturally and in this case, nature does it best. Even your youngest eater will love this tasty smoothie that is more like a treat than anything and better yet, he or she will never know they are having spinach at the same time!

Green Smoothie

I love smoothies for an uplifting mid-day treat because it feels like I’m cheating, but I’m not! In fact, I’m giving myself an energy boost before or after working out and loving it. We all need the nutrients and fiber found in this smoothie, such as the protein, as well as the Vitamin A, C, B-6, E, K, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, and more in this smoothie. Being healthy is important, but this smoothie makes it delicious and refreshing, also.

The Ultimate Green Smoothie…Refreshing, Delicious, and Healthy!

2 cups fresh pineapple cut up
1/2 cup pure orange juice with lots of pulp or fresh squeezed
2 cups packed baby spinach leaves
1 cored Granny Smith apple with skin
2 cups ice cubes

Clean and/or cut up the fruit and vegetables listed above. Put them into your blender. Once ready, blend all of this together on medium to high depending on your blender until smooth and totally blended. It’s that easy! Pour into two glasses and serve.

The Ultimate Green Smoothie is refreshing, delicious, and healthy! Give yourself and your family a treat that will be both healthy and satisfying. You can’t go wrong with this smoothie because it meets all of those requirements and will be a definite crowd pleaser, so enjoy!

26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Green Smoothie…Refreshing, Delicious, and Healthy!

    • Thanks, Chris! This smoothie was really good. The flavors blended well and were delicious. Thanks for stopping by to chat!

    • Granny Smith apples are great any time! I love to use them in smoothies, pies, apple bread, and just about any where else I can think of using them. But, yes, they are especially good in smoothies. Just make sure to blend well if leaving the skin on them. My blender is great, so I leave them the skin for the added nutrients. Either way though, it is good. Thanks for stopping by!

    • This was really delicious and so healthy. I really hope you do try it because I know you will like it. Thanks for stopping by!

    • This is so good, but so easy that it won’t be hard to do! I love finding combinations that taste great, but really have some healthy substance to them. Done right, you can always find something in the fridge. When I have fruit I think will not make it many more days, I freeze it before it goes bad, so I can use it in smoothies and other recipes later. It really comes in handy. But for the most part I see something at the store that will inspire me and buy it! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Those smoothies sound great! With this one I was trying to use no dairy, and it turned out delicious. I’ve done others like what you are describing, and they taste terrific. The nice thing about smoothies is that you can do hundreds of different combinations and for the most part, they’ll taste great! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks, Shannon! This smoothie is now one of my favorites to make just because it is so refreshing and good. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks! This smoothie is definitely refreshing and delicious. The best part though is that it’s healthy as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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