Cherry Peach Kale Smoothie…A Healthy and Delicious Choice!

By Jodee Weiland

Lately the kale in my garden has been coming in faster than I can pick it.  I’ve used it in all kinds of recipes, but today I decided on something simple and delicious. Why not a kale smoothie of some sort?

I decided to put the baby kale from my garden, some ripe peaches I had on hand, and some pure tart cherry juice into the blender and make a smoothie for myself.  Add a little organic honey and ice to that, and you have a deep green kale smoothie, my Cherry Peach Kale Smoothie…A Healthy and Delicious Choice.

I have always been health conscious, so I have made up my own smoothie combos as well as tried those that others have put on the internet.  If you’re not inclined to come up with your own ideas for smoothies, there are numerous places online where you can find any number of great recipes for smoothies with every imaginable combination of fruits and vegetables.  Most will surprise any skeptics out there with how great they taste.

Whichever you choose, there are numerous health benefits from a fruit and veggie smoothie.  I like the idea of kale smoothie because it is so rich in vitamins K and A plus other vitamins as well.  Aside from the nutritional value of kale, it is known to help lower cholesterol and the risk of certain types of cancer.  Kale has even more health benefits beyond this, but these are the primary reasons I choose to eat kale.  In fact, there are so many health benefits to eating kale and so many ways to eat it as well, that I often wonder why more people aren’t doing just that.

Cherry Peach Kale Smoothie…A Healthy and Delicious Choice!

3 cups fresh baby kale tightly packed
2 ripe medium peaches pitted and quartered
1 cup 100% pure tart black cherry juice
3 tablespoons organic honey or to taste
1 cup or more ice

Put the first three above ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly.  Then add the honey and ice and blend that into the rest.  Pour your smoothie in a glass, and you’re ready to enjoy a treat that is both delicious and healthy.  The above recipe actually will make enough for two people, but one person could drink it all if they wanted to do so.  Half of this recipe has 235 calories.

This is one green kale smoothie that is worth the little bit of time and effort it will take to put it together. The Cherry Peach Kale Smoothie…A Healthy and Delicious Choice, is an alternative to a lot of other ice slush drinks, and it is cool and refreshing.  I’m certain if you try it, you will find out it is really good and doesn’t taste like kale at all.  So enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Cherry Peach Kale Smoothie…A Healthy and Delicious Choice!

    • So true…I love smoothies using fresh produce straight from my garden! If it’s delicious and healthy at the same time, that’s a bonus. Thanks for stopping by!

    • It really is delicious and so healthy with the kale! I love smoothies that taste great and have health benefits at the same time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Blended with the right things, you don’t even really taste the kale. In other words, you get all the benefits and don’t have to worry about a bitter taste. Thanks for stopping by to chat, Lisa!

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